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Form It

Form-IT is an iPad-Native application that appifies a client’s forms for online or offline use. Form-IT users will be able to capture all pertinent data, via a preconfigured tech savvy forms. The form is intuitive and designed to save time.


Freight Tracker

If you need to track freight from branch to branch or from one point to the other, Technatives has a smart solution for you. Sign on glass capable and more

Minder Native

Minder is the application that presents geo-location information for Apple, Android and Windows devices. We are evolving this offering into a range of hardware solutions, increasing the scope and usefulness of our product.


SOS Native

Preservation of life and innocence is the flagship offering of Technatives, SOS-Native smartphone application. We believe in it so much that we are offering the core of the application for free!


Hurtlocker is a smartphone application that is designed to help secure the data of your choice within your phone. Whether it’s pictures, videos, SMS messages, call logs or contact lists, there are some things that are strictly “for your eyes only!”


Sudo Native

Security through obscurity. The Evolution of privacy begins with your Sudo. Watch this space, we are currently in beta on track to release next quarter


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Technatives is a company of tech-savvy individuals who are developing reliable and relevant apps for the marketplace.

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